Bibberslilsis- I love this girl too death. She has become my sister. She has been my rock over the years and I could not even begin to thank her for dealing with my shit all this time. We can have so much fun going crazy, nuts together but it's our life. We also can fight and hate one other at time but in 13 years that hasn't change our friendships.

 AngelDemonValdes- is other one of my sisters, I am thankful for her dealing with my shit as well, we been friends for few years now, but I will never look at this girl as just a friend. She is my sister and that's it. She may be shy and kind of crazy at time but I still love her.

SoulWrathborn"SOUL"- Were do i even begin, Soul he has been an awesome friend and been there for me when shit and hell breaks loose. yes he not all way on but he does his best to find time for me and be around when it matter most.Thank u Soul hun for being there.

 Jezza- has been a good friend over the years, and he make me laugh with the crazy shit he does at time, even though he may not talk much, he sure knows what to say at the right time.

MalikaiVanArsdale- He is my brother and I love him to death him, we share a link that some people just can�t understand but it�s alright because we have eacher of there, and that all we need.