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bamahi | imvu content creator

about me
Hey, I'm Bamahi! I'm 23 years old and from Texas. I am a creator here on IMVU, and an artist. I'm not really online for anything other than creating, and occasional chatting with friends. I try to upload new products as often as I can for you guys, so be sure to check out my shop!
about my shop
I like to make products that I think anyone can wear, so everyone can find something they like! The products that I enjoy making the most are skins, heads, and other accessories like brows and lashes to customize the appearance of your avatar. I've been on IMVU for about 11 years, and have been creating products since about 1 month after I joined.
more about me
I also sometimes get into making avatar repaints and edits. IMVU has always been a place where I can go to express my creativity and share my creations with all of you. I appreciate everyone who buys my products and art. Thank you so much for all of the amazing support!