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frequently asked questions
Are you open for custom products or art?
Customs are closed at the moment.

Can I buy this file?
No. I do not sell any product files.

Why won't my eyebrows show up on your head?
If the eyebrows aren't showing up, or glitching, on one of my heads- it is most likely because you are wearing eyebrows from the "eyebrow" category in shop instead of the "accessories" category. Try wearing accessory eyebrows. If your eyebrows are still glitching, the problem could be another accessory you are wearing on your avatar's face. Try taking everything off the face until you find out what isn't compatible with your eyebrows.

How do you keep the eyes from squinting on your heads?
If your avatar's eyes look squinted or closed when wearing one of my heads, it could be the avatar you are wearing. Some avatars have facial expressions included. Try wearing a different avatar.

Why is this product so expensive? / Can you change the price of it?
Anything in my shop that has a higher price is most likely a custom product. No, I will not change the price of any of these items.