About my Badges

My badges right now are simple
The first one is the symbol for the comet Psyche16.
My old screen name used to be PsychesTempest
The second is Iron a chemical element with symbol Fe and atomic number 26.
It is a metal that belongs to the first transition series
and group 8 of the periodic table.
It is by mass the most common element on Earth,
forming much of Earth's outer and inner core.
It is the fourth most common element in the Earth's crust.

Imvu stays in imvu, thanks
Offline is off limits, not open for discussion

Is aware of rumors
I do have a life offline/online
with friends who do know each other
On and off Imvu
Capricorn/earth snake
Not relationship seeking
But I am seeking online companionship, or friendships

I already have an imvu wife, please be respectful of her

Talk to me if curious

Treat me how you want to be treated
Love me like you want to be loved
...If only for a little while...

...Blink and reset...

When here I'm yours
If letting go, I'm gone

So if you love me, hold on tight

I'm here for the occassional conversation and company

I am not interested in taking sides
I choose who I want to hang out with
and not you or anyone else can change that.

I take no responsiblity for the actions of others
I am not responsible for how you feel either

I take time to warm up to people

I prefer small groups over large crowds
I'm an introvert, not anti social
I'm an observer as well

Chances are if I've seen you abuse and attack others
You probably won't find me interested in hanging out with you.

If you believe to be someone who might get along with me
You can visit my public rooms, or send me a dm
I'm open to talking to new people

On occasion I do roleplay/write.
Here is a list of my Oc's
The crowned prince of house Surion. Korvan (cross bred Avariel x sun elf. ) son of Queen Nariel and Sir CaranthirElensar. Twin to Kazarra Alyssa, elder brother to Taylin & Maylin. Adopted sister is Anya. Kor is the Childhood friend and companion to Cyprus the currant queen of Aear Ithil,

The engineer Brom Vane (half elf/Peredhil) Widower, father of Rohese Vane, adopted father of Terk Vane. He works for the dragon lands.

Fallen stars guard, Maenir Mornenion (Aquatic elf) childhood friend of Cyprus. Son of Eleniel Cohava and Raunien Mornenion

The engraver Roeland Van Der Zee (human) works for Brom Vane, is courting Anya the adopted daughter of house Surion.

Lone wing, (Bakeneko) son of (Bakeneko) Tom and (Kitsune) Sterre Wing, is making friends with a Kitsune named Azami from the Akamine Family

Anu (celestial/fallen) Lord of wood and claw, keeper of the forbidden fruits. His favorite thrall is Namid, the witch Willow is under contract and is a thrall to both Hala and Anu. The lord of wood and claw is mated to Vjestica hala. In venturing about. Anu might have befriended a daughter of the bloodfangs (HimeAiko). Anu has decided not to get involved with the bloodfang's family drama. Instead he has returned to the B'alam sanctuary to tend to his gardens and thralls