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Research results courtesy of Bones.inc
Over the past 34 years the subject has been documented on planet earth, she has not been able to conjure up sexual tendancies at an instant blink. Failure to instanly jump from "farting among friends" mode to "Hello-Nurse! Jump on that Dik!" mode has been a noted failure to comply with the updated evolutional social trend of civilization.

Alchohol and/or narcotics has been noted to to illusify the effects of a more rapid course towards a sexual encounter, however the proccess relies on total intuitive motions in a more realistic setting that stands outside of the digital world as the subject cannot proccess the mechanical means of a device under the influence, and nevertheless, the potential prospect does not withstand the subjects' natural tendency to press phase two of her instinctual examination n'or is able to achieve even a primalary result of success.

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