Below are my most asked questions. If your question isn't on this list, don't worry, you can always message me and ask!

Q: What does (Don) mean on your badge stickers?
A: Don stands for donations. Donations means that I'm currently collecting funds for the badge. Please be aware these badges may take a little while to finish. Badges cost a lot, so please don't purchase donation stickers if you aren't willing to wait.

Q: What does (Pre) mean on your badge stickers?
A: Pre stands for pre-sale. Pre-sale means that I have all the funds I need to make the badge. However, sometimes these funds might be pending so it might not be made right away. Please be aware of this before purchasing. Patience is appreciated, I try to get them made and granted as soon as I'm able to!

Q: I bought a made badge, and I haven't recived it within 48 hours, what should I do?
A: PLEASE always message me if you haven't recieved your badge after 48 hours. I sometimes miss purchases and I'm really sorry about that. If you message me I'll be able to grant the badge out asap.

Q: I would like to buy all your badges, how do I do this?
A: You can either purchase all my badges via sticker, which you can find in my shop or you can PM and ask for it, or you can purchase via paypal.

Q: Do you offer badge VIP?
A: I do! However, I have limited slots. I won't accept more than 20 VIPS at one time. My prices vary depending on how many badges of mine you already own, if you've been my vip before etc etc. So please ask for my prices if your interested in purchasing. However, my VIP is only avaliable via paypal.

Q: Can I have a free badge?
A: I'm sorry but no. I work hard to get my badges made, and it wouldn't be fair to those who have purchased the badge during donation, presale and once made. I do sometimes do pulse games for a free badge now and then, so look out for those!

Q: Do you trade badges/VIP?
A: I will sometimes trade badges depending on what badge is offered. I'm sorry if I don't accept your trade, I am very picky and I'll only trade for things I will like/use. I do not however trade VIP. So please don't ask to trade badge VIP.

Q: Can I have free credits/gifts?
A: No! All the credits I earn go towards badges or badge images. I work hard to get those credits so I won't give them away or gift you, so please don't ask.

Q: Can I have add you?
A: I prefer to only have adds from people I know or people within the badging community.

Q: Are your badges gift and recieve?
A: No sorry. Only the recipient of the sticker will recieve the badge once it's made.