Oh! Urururu~

Disclaimer: My english can be crap sometimes.

Oh. I'm a quiet one ya kno.. I do not especially like talking about myself. I estimate myself as a boring person, since I don't talk that much, but it's always a pleasure to meet you guys. -Whatever! I'm a 24 poor lazy frenchie goat with a septum and 32mm plugs. I like lollipops as hell. My favorite number is the 11.

I've been here for like 10 years by now. I'm kinda tired with my job at the moment, but doing my best to be more active on here. I used to do "art", I like to draw sometimes.. I have so many different art style and I get easily lost with them. But my main style is sketch art, I just feel like But to be honest my art is kinda trash.

I alsooo like video games. Maybe a bit too much.. I like sci-fi, horror, post-apocalyptic aaaand heroic-fantasy games. I like too much Final Fantasy and NieR series, I could spend hours and hours on them. *I also play to ACNL and Pokémon a lot indeed*

Hum.. what else..

My favorite singer/musician is Susumu Hirasawa. I also like manga and anime, my favorite ones are Berserk, Ergo Proxy and a lot more I think.. But tbh I'm a JoJo fan, the whole universe is a JoJo reference. JoJo is love, Jojo is life.. /runs