Questions and Answers

Who made your Layout?

Who made your shop icon?

Can I add you?
You can, but I don't accept random add's.

Why didn't you reply to my message?
I possibly didn't reply because it was either spam, or you have your messages set to friends only or does not allow messages.

Do you have any badges?
Yes, look at my Badges or Badge VIP tab.

Would you trade this badge?
No. not at this time, sorry.

Can you gift me?
Um, no. (please don't ask).

Who made your Display Pic/Badge art/Layout/Homepage ect
Please message me if you can’t find the answer else where, because I change my Display Picture and homepage a fair bit.

Do you have an ALT account for imvu?
Yes, Heartfilia@imvu, KuroShitsuji@imvu & HauntedGhost@imvu. Are other account are mine.

What song is currently playing on your homepage?
Song: U & I
By: Galantis.