☾ A Little Bit About Myself ☽

...What to say...?

I'm going to be honest, I really don't like writing/talking about myself but I'll go ahead and share the basics.
My name is Karina but I like to go by Kay. (Nice to meet you.) ASL: 31/Female/CA. In person I'm very shy, boring, self conscious, socially awkward, and a bit depressing at times. I don't have hobbies. I don't drink or party. I have trust issues. I'm gullible. Have few close friends (in rl). No boyfriend. No dreams or real goals. *shrugs*

Online I could be the opposite. I'm more engaging, outgoing, less self concious, and able to get along with people with more ease. It's like I become the person I wish to be in rl. I guess that's what my avatar on IMVU represents. *sighs*

Sooo that's it... I welcome you to message me. I like hearing what others have to say. So pay me a visit! 'kays?

Had Enough?
Ok ok I'll stop now.

♢ baiiii ♢
♢ ;D ♢