Frequently asked Questions

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why are you asking all these questions? WHY?
Question: Do you do customs? are you open?
Answer: I only do customs when i am open! you are free to message me. Be warned i can be very picky.

Question: Where do i order a custom?
Answer: Click here

Question: Can i add you?
Answer: If you haven't spoken to me several times before. NO!

Question: Can i invite you to a pc chat?
Answer: I really prefer you don't. I'm always in one of my own, owned rooms. Just join!

Question: I have a question, where can i contact you?
Answer: Message me on any of my socials!

Question: Do you do shop requests?
Answer: Depends on the request. No harm in asking!

Question: I ordered a custom is it finished yet?
Answer: Check out my trello first! if no update has been given in some time message me!