☾ About your king ☽

: Dear subjects :

I'm 20 and I live in France. I'm an artist and a cosplayer since 2010. Haikyuu is the best thing that ever happened in my life. I like aliens and space. You can ask anything to me I don't mind, I'm not really good at describing myself. You can just consider me as a loser and a NEET.

" You're my only retort "

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Hop hop
You came along my secret labotory,
Spiky spiky bloody fangs hungry for my Qi
Hold up, mister
Right there, mister
Sit down, mister
How about some retort pouch of curry
Pouch of chili
Pouch of MRE
But you’re rather picky
♢I'm seeking for RTRT♢
ノマータ ウィーッチ ワンユピック アゲーッティダン

The alien meme.
Peachy and holosexual.

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