☾ questions ☽

: Shitty FAQ :

Ok so I'm deadass just gonna post the questions I get the most. Which are not much since I don't talk to anybody lmao.

" Here we go "

Q: Can you draw me?
A: Yeah of course, just pay me.

Q: How much for a custom DP?
A: 20$ + 3$ if you want an animation like blinking or winking.

Q: Are you currently taking customs?
A: Not I'm not, at least not for display pictures. But I'm taking emergency commissions, they're colored headshot sketches for 5$. You can PM me if you need infos.

Q: What drawing software do you use? What tablet do you use?
A: Paint Tool SAI / Huion H610PRO.

Q: Can you gift me something?
A: I'm probably just as broke as you are, gtfo lol.

Q: Can I add you?
A: Sure, but if you don't talk to me, don't expect me to keep you in my friendlist for too long.