Plastic heart



I'm Mylee, though people like to make it easier on themselves and call me mai, Lee, Li or whatever floats their boat really.
I'm 24, and i was born into this corrupted world in November, making me a scorpio.

You might or might not have heard about me,
Either way, i have little interest for the gossip going around about me, my boyfriend, or my friends.
I can be really simple, but never ignore the fact that im a very complex person at the same time aswel.
I wont ask much of you, just be yourself, dont let others controle who you are or what you say.
Don't come to me if you only plan on being a fake snake.
Neither do i appreciate beating around a bush.
Spit it out if you got something to say.
I should end here.
All in all, you shouldnt hesitate to ask me questions or try and talk to me.
I tend to be a nice person, when someone is nice aswel.