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" The High Priestess "

Intuition, sacred knowledge, divine feminine"

♢About Me♢
Hello~ I'm known as Ramure, I'm twenty-four years old and I'm currently located in United Kingdom.

Nicknames: Witchy | Rammy | Ram | Ramune | Mami | Mama Witch | Ramstein | + many others

I live with my Fiancé and my small family of animals, Adore, Ru, Frogbum, Beast! [Catx2, Crested Gecko, Albino Corn]

I'm friendly once you take the time to know me and also the tendancy to be on the "wild" bubbly side. So yeah, give me a chance~

I'm in the practice of Wicca and I'm currently learning the practice of tarot reading, I've been in the practice on/off since I was the age of 14. [not just the aesthetic] I don't discuss my practice online as it makes me uncomfortable with the ignorant questions and comments about what I do. So questions/comments are going to be ignored

I'm a part-time artist on here on which I say part-time because lifestyle tends to keep me busy! I like to draw anything aesthetic on the witchy side and also dark side, I am open for other styles too! Find more information about artwork on the designated tab.

Please don't randomly add me. You'll be ignored.
Chat with me first!.