My Friends~!

♥Love Me Friends♥
Arthur: OMG DUUUDE!!! lol XD My Best mate... simply irreplaceable, n has been with me thru a lot...... a lil pervy (lil is an understatement...) yet we get closer by the day... ur awesome in ur own way XD what can i say i love u Brah ;P ... back off girls... he's mine! XD

Kelly: She really is one of a kind, she really is a sweet,caring, and kind-hearted even if she doesn't want to admit it >.< ... thou.. mess with her n and u'll have to answer with me, no one messes with Silly Kelly-bean.

Katie: My looney CRAZY person... who drives me insane.. but she's my bestie :* she makes me smile n laugh even when i dont want to... Mess with her, n i''ll bite ur head off!! >.< ilu

Panny: a very dear person that cracks me up XD ... I haven't seen anyone as insane as u (yet) lol

Chels: u really are a special person to me, u might be young and arrogant, but there isn't one like you! don't mess with her! I'll kill you >.<