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About Me Ash | Pansexual | Artist | Creator | Gamer | Otaku

Hey my name is Ash but you probably also know me by Tentacles or Robotsu. I'm a full time artist from Michigan and I have been creating on IMVU for over 9 years. I also do freelance illustration work. Most of the time I am working on art or taking care of my son but I also love gaming, reading and watching anime. I also really love Scifi like Doctor Who and Star Trek. Some other favorite shows of mine are Steven Universe, My Little Pony, and Adventure Time. My passive interests include crystals and gemstones, space, fashion, sharks, food, music and science. I went to school for illustration with a digital focus. I have a wife who's name is Cheza that I met on here and after a lot of patience and hard work we started to live together in real life and have a son named Felix. Yes, this means I am 100% not interested in your flirting.

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