About Me

If You Are Here You Must Want To Know About Me!

So a little about myself. Well most people on here call me Siri, short for Siriana. Is this my real name? No but its what I like going by, lol. Anyways I am 30 years old, I love reading, badging and playing with my puppy dogs. I love to read just about anything but really enjoy romance novels. I have been into badge for probably about 2-3 years now though I took a break when life went down hill. Most badgers may remember me from my account MidnightEmber, which is still slightly active but I have decided to take up badging on this account for a fresh start. Anyways moving on, so my furbabies are my world! I dont have real childern so I consider them the closest I will probably ever have to childern. I have a 6 year old Golden Retriever named Moe and a 3 year old Shepard Lab mix named Molly. Some of you might remember from my other account my badges featuering a golden retriever puppy, those are my insperations of Moe XD. Sadly I havent had any made of Molly but I hope to now that I am badging once more. I look forward to being back and if you care to meet meet me or chat with me send me a message!