My Badges!

Here you will find all of my badges I have made!

Here is where you can find all of the badges I have made! If you are interested in purchasing one please check out my shop. If a badge isnt in my shop, chance are it isnt buyable. If you're buying using a sticker please remember to leave a review, it really helps me keep track! Also make sure that the badge has been made or is taking donations. You may message me after you have bought the sticker to get your badge faster, if im only. Badges will be sent within 24-48 hours! {Important: Please if you know you arent suppose to own someones art please dont buy. I dont wish to have to revoke or send credits back when you know better. Thanks!}

Summertime Fun- 3k

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I do believe in...fairies- 5k

 photo I do believe animated_zpsefnmyg5d.png

Kirby in Dreamland- 10k

 photo Kirby In Dreamland_zpsmu3uczfv.png

Alicorn- 30k

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Spilt Milk- 14k

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HK Witchy Night - 5k

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