F . A . Q .

You know why you're here.

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I know you don't have a ton of time on your hands, so I'll try to make this as quick and painless as possible! Ready? Okay, go!

Q1: What can I call you?
Wynter, Wyn, Wynny, or Amber

Q2: Can I message you?
Yes, my inbox is always open for honest communication and questions.

Q3: Can I use your badges as incentives?
Of coures! Many of my badges are available for incentive use. Feel free to message me or check it's description page in my shop.

Q4: Will you gift me items/credits/badges?
If you have to ask, it's always going to be no. I gift at my own will.

Q5: Can I invite you to a private chat?
Because of how paranoid I am with random invites, unless I know you, I recommend that you don't. I almost always have my location turned on, so feel free to follow me to whatever room I'm in.

Q6: Why won't you add me?
If you are a badger or an artist, it's probably because you intimidate me and I think it's a prank. Keep trying!
If I know you, I probably didn't get the notification. I'll get there.
But, if you don't fall into either category, it's because I do NOT accept random friend requests. E V E R.

Q7: Do you design or draw badges?
I do, but I don't have many that I have made and none for sale currently. I don't have a lot of spare time, but if you are interested, message me. We'll talk, I'll show you what I can do, etc.

Q8: Who made your DP?
Currently, it's a snap shot of one of my OC's straight out of chat. I'm always looking for new artists to purchase from though, if you're looking for someone to doodle!

Q9: Why can't I message you?
There's a really good chance that you are blocked. I don't take blocking lightly, so if you are on my blocked list, get comfortable. I don't revisit that and take people off of it.
Sometimes, and this is incredibly rare, I will be set to friends only. If you get that message, try again tomorrow.

Any other questions? Refer to question #2!