My Tribe

My People

This is in no particular order, but these are the poeple who mean a lot to me and have been there when I needed them or had dumb questions or just to sit with when I needed connection without questions. Thank you, all of you.

Ori, Jess, Kat, Katie, Bast, Muse, Andrea, Lilypants

Some of these lovelies don't come around much, but I still have much love for them.
There are so, so many others who have been there for me. But most of you change your names so often, that I am not comfortable using your real names. But, you count too!

Wynny was herrrrrre :]

I might not always have something nice to say and I might not always be the easiest person to be around, but you guys have all been great to me. I'm forever grateful.