♦ About Me! ♦

♥: Oh! hey there! :♥

As you already know, my name is Seren and I live in the UK! Most of the time I can be found in my main room 'Neon Paws' usually snuggling up with my Love Sorin, or lost in some creating! I love hanging out with friends, though can be quite socially awkward, so please excuse my silence sometimes haha! When not IMVU, I really enjoy getting out and about, I am lucky enough to live right next to the beach, so spend a lot of my time there taking photos, swimming, and sometimes Surfing! I love to read and watch shows and movies, though once I find myself a good period drama I can be lost in it for days! I love art too, I am no good at digital art, but do enjoy opening up a sketch book and seeing what happens!

" never stop reaching for the stars "

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