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Amelia About Her!

Hello I'm Amelia
I am Not Online too often, i have no reason unless you want to give me one, Im dark gothic and quiet, Speak when spoken too, I'm a Sub in RL and Online but im not neive, Im quite smart and all i want is a friend online no relationship crap please
🦇 Birthday: 20/Oct
🦇 Status: Single
🦇 BDSM Status Submissive
🦇 Location: Australia
🦇 Occupation: Student
🦇 Here for: Friends

🦇 Height: 5"3'
🦇 weight: 124 lbs.
🦇 Hair color: Light Blonde
🦇 Eye color: Light blue
🦇 Body type: Curvy & Busty
🦇 PVC/Latex
🦇 Sex
🦇 Cam
🦇 Bats
🦇 sports on television
🦇 You
🦇 Relationships
🦇 MEN!